Words Bring Images to People's Minds

Images Bring Beliefs to People's Minds

The Right Words and Images Bring Emotions to People's Hearts

And…people buy off emotions.

Then they rationalize their purchasing decision off your reasons.

So yes, your copy must give both reasons and emotions, but notice which is more powerful.

Do Your Words Create Emotions?

Do your words break inertia and compel people to take action?

The Right Words Change Everything

Ok, so we know what’s the purpose of copy, and how much better good copy can be.

But before you try to hire me, is my copy any good?  Well, here’s a little story-telling/conversation style example I whipped up just for you.

Why the Sun Also Rises

(aka why your marketing might suck)

I haven’t read the book, but I do love the title.  It’s brilliant. With no disrespect to Hemingway, allow me to abscond his words for the benefit of our budding friendship. I like a little melodrama and even a sad story once in a while, but mostly I like feel-good endings. Why?  Because I’m simple? Or a sucker for hollywood’s summertime mush? Nope. It’s because I’m a human being just like you. We human kinds like positive outcomes. It’s baked into our DNA. Stories which give us the emotional rush of winning, the satisfaction of problems resolved, or even more fundamental, the feeling that everything is going to be alright now.  These are the stories which resonate the best. Yes, there a dark times, fearful nights, but the sun will come up again. We’ll feel it’s warmth, and see our paths more clearly, and generally feel better about our lives.  

Yes, it’s ok, even necessary at times to point out the bad, a relationship ended, the opportunity lost, the setting of the sun.  True life acknowledges the bad. But…and we do love the suspense even if it’s a bit predictable, the sun also rises. Good things happen too.  Loving relationships can last. Better days are ahead. Dreams do come true. The sun also rises.  

It’s not the work we fear, we fear our work won’t matter.  It’s not the pain we avoid, we avoid the futility of pain. We look for resolution, for meaning, a reward for our hard work.  We’re not guaranteed success, but we are promised the sun will rise again. And this gives us hope. We can’t live well without hope.  This is why I believe all marketing, copywriting, digital story-telling, must ultimately offer hope to people. For true marketing, we need the bad, the pain, the drama, in order to have a believable denouement.  The reward for sticking through to the end is best when we’ve persisted. It’s a mistake to offer people an easy fix. It cheapens the reward. You end up only competing on price, with the low-cost losers. People inherently know the value of a just reward.  If your marketing doesn’t portray the value of your product or service, the engagement level with your audience goes down. And it’s simply because you haven’t told the story well enough. You tried to skip to the end, and it robs your audience of the experience.  

It’s not rocket science, but you still need to put in some work.  We all know we love good stories, but we rarely take the time and effort to tell the story well.  Digital marketing is very similar. Many businesses want to just skip right to the buy. Here’s the coupon.  Add to cart now. We’ve got to fix our abandonment rate. Exactly, keep that shallow metric-based groupthink going and see where it leads.  To the bottom that’s where. Any idiot can see the numbers are headed south. But it takes more than a spreadsheet to project a turn around.  It takes work. (Insert drumroll) And that’s where I come in.  

I do digital marketing.  I do the work. In fact, I love it.  Which is good news for you. I write words and create content intended for real people to read and enjoy.  But I also know how to use SEO best practices when on your website, or craft a better subject line to get your emails opened, or layout your content so it’s more pleasing to the eye on desktop versus mobile devices, or creating a more compelling social media or adwords campaign.  Basically, I help you get better results because I’m good at both the art and science of marketing.  

Humans do what humans do.  This has been, and will always be true.  This is why over 500 years later we teach kids Shakespeare in high school.  One of the best ways to learn about society and oneself is to read timeless stories filled with the universal passions of human nature.  Greed, love, revenge, jealousy, the people’s bard put it all in there, and we ‘moderns’ still relate today. Yes, even on smartphones we wrestle with ‘to be or not to be.’ There must be more than these meeting requests?  We look, we long, we yearn…for help, meaning, answers, recognition, and most of all love. If you think it’s all about Wall Street, and miss the pangs of love, what a profoundly foolish mistake thou makes. We all know it’s true. Your readers know it’s true.  Even if your business niche is tech or health or finance or janitorial supplies, your sales are still dependent upon connecting with the hearts of your customers. Period. End of story. Take it to the bank. And you will, if you work with me.

So There You Go

Not bad huh.  Without any formatting or pictures or animations, just words to delight and wet thin appetite. 

So, what can we do together?  But first…

Some Not-So-Legal Important Stuff

Putting my mind and energies to work isn’t for the faint pocketed. It’s an investment, which pays off.  If I get wind you’re not serious, don’t have a clue what makes the world go round, or simply looking for me to push buttons printing money, there’s no deal.  The uninitiated get no respect. And no magic pill from me. The reward takes work. So if you catch my drift, there’s good work to be done, but not always deserving folks to work with.  A labor of love is better with laborers you love. There’s magic in synergy. So if I ain’t feeling it with you, I’m not pursuing. Comprende comrad. Find some other bloke to make you giggle.  


Now, relationships take time.  So it’s ok with me, to start small.  And see how things go. If you want to chat about a short-term project, or limited parameters, fine.  Just professionals only. No first-timers need inquire. So if you’ve been down this road before, know what you want, and are ready to ramp things up, with talent to make it happen, then let’s talk outcomes and budgets. 


(Subject to change, without notice, whenever I feel like charging more)

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