Worth Repeating

"Life is short. So go for it. Just bring a sense of humor."

-Jeff Burritt

Choose Your Adventure => (1) Where's my skate board? (2) When Oprah inspires you to feed the homeless. (3) Is this where we dump off the interns? (4) Alleys are great meeting spots, right Mom?
Urban Freelancer

I love to write

It comes in handy as a copy writer.  But in regards to digital marketing, there’s so much more involved than just words.  You have to take into account the overall feel and flow of the end user experience.  Which means words and visuals must combine to create the intended emotional response.  That’s why I also do photography and videos and web design and graphics and SEO.  It’s a combo skills game.  And one I like to win.

Clients and their kind

Peoples is peoples, so said the gangster philosopher.  I think he meant, even though they come in all shapes and sizes, there’s certain attributes which remain universally consistent.  Clients are people too.  It’s easy to forget that part when a pay check is due.  So I try my darndest to connect with each client and deliver on their terms, to their expectations; while keeping the healthy bounds of common sense.  So if it works for people, it works for me; and, I hope that works for you.

About Me

"Not All Those Who Wander are Lost."

(Or 10 Reasons Why I’m the Perfect Marketer for You.)
#1 I don’t own a Mac Book.
#2 I went to law school.
#3 I think Donald Trump is the greatest president since Ben Franklin.
#4 I like words better than numbers, but my landlord disagrees.
#5 Hence, my most used app on my phone is the calculator.
#6 I easily get lost downtown.  If only they made an app for that.
#7 My cat ran away, and I don’t have a dog.
#8 I drink cheap domestic beer.
#9 I can’t remember my kids birthdays, and sometimes their names.
#10 I needed one more reason, and thankfully the ADHD kicked in before the writer’s block.
I get it:  Finding good marketing people can be hard.  Not as hard as law school though.  
And definitely not as hard as being normal after law school.  But enough with my accomplishments.

Let’s get down to bizness!

(Or actual reasons why I’m not cheap.)
My desk at my first law firm job wasn’t cheap either.  In fact, it was worth more than my car.  It was actual wood from trees, and very not Ikea.  Anyway, I parked my early ’90s 4 cylinder in the back; way in the back.  And as I sat looking at the pile of cases on that beautifully expensive desk, one of the lawsuits reached up, grabbed my neck and started chocking me.  OK, not really.  I was just day dreaming.  And not looking at the case files at all, but out of the office window instead.

And I kept looking.  I belonged out there.  Somewhere beyond the parking lot; hell anywhere, but not passing kidney stones behind that desk.

So I did what most wouldn’t.  I read pop science bizness books and joined an MLM which promised financial freedom.  More on that never.  And after a few years when the 20k per month residual income dreams withered away like a Democratic Presidential candidate, I found myself watching hundreds of hours of YouTube videos about marketing, web design, graphic design, copywriting, video editing, and of course, cats.
I found my muse.  My gift to the world.
And so the wanderings paid off.  Looking back though I’d skip that part about studying for the BAR exam.  That was torture rarely seen outside of North Korea.  Still, it helped me become a better writer.  And that’s put food on my genuine Ikea table.
Jeff Burritt
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Results Oriented

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Team Player

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Technical Skills

I'm not just a writer. I know SEO, Adobe, some HTML, WordPress, and more

Self Starter

Give me all the details, or none at all. I know how to get things moving

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