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Plus: How to Look Great Online AND Not Be Boring

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Because Mediocrity Sucks

Real Strategy

In the school of life, we don’t get the grade we want, we get the grade we deserve.  Truth can be hard, but it’s actually freeing; because it helps us focus on what’s really important–like results.  Exploring options, test groups, even metrics can become a distraction if we’re not laser focused on a specific, measurable goal.  Everything else is a paper chase.  I find many business owners are so frazzled, they can’t even articulate what their real goal is.  That’s where I come in.  I’m good at cutting through the crap to get to what’s essential, what will create profits, establish longevity, and make a real difference in this world.  

Look Good Online


Nothing is more foundational to your marketing than your website.  It is the first authority for your brand.  It is the hub of your messaging and advertising.  If it doesn’t look good, offer value, and demand relevancy in your visitor’s eyes, then you have failed.  But worry not dear future client, help thee I can.  If you’re bold enough to make real progress, and not let pipe dreams get in the way, then we can do something real.  Something that speaks to people, and wins over the right ones for you.

Web Design
Copy writing
Engage Your Audience


Computers read bits and bites, but people read words.  And words are what really powers the interwebs.  But do your words engage?  Do they sell?  Do they show and not just tell?  Are they grammatically correct, but instinctively dull?  There’s a pill for that.  It’s not magic, it’s hiring me.  You can do it, if you have pockets ‘o plenty and a heart to care.

Capture Your Essence


Still got that old cropped headshot of you from the early 2000s?  Sure you were thinner then, but honestly does it even look like you now?  Be yourself.  Let your clients see you.  And how you look now.  So update your pics, your staff and employee photos, the shots of your office and products.  Don’t be afraid of the camera.  I’ll make you look as best as reasonably possible, while still being true.  Transparency works.  Audiences, especially today, want to see people and businesses who are authentic.  We can, however, still choose the settings that present you in the best light.  Pun intended.


What They Say About Me

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Simple Not Easy

I make it look easy, but it’s actually a lot of work.  Most of my clients struggle to create fresh content fast enough.  Many have tried outsourcing to cheap, and sometimes overseas, unskilled labor, only to realize you get what you pay for.  If you want better performance, you work with me.  It still takes work, but now it’s simple.  We figure it out, I get it done, you get results, everyone’s happy.

Your Ego is Boring

Unless you’re a Kardashian, you don’t attract followers by just talking about yourself.  Even butt selfies get old.  People care most about themselves, and how you can help them.  So help them.  Prove to people you care, you deliver, you make their lives better.  I help you craft this message online, which will engage a larger target audience authentically, giving you want you really want–more loyal customers.

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“Mind blown!  Jeff at Skip3 gave me so much to think about, and really confirmed how to grow my business.”

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Additional Services

When You Need it Done Right

Identity & Branding

Maybe your logo is dated.  Maybe your slogan is old.  Or maybe your messaging is not engaging.  Let’s fix that.

Positioning & Strategy

How do you stand out from your competition?  Does the market even care you exist?  Are you in a race to the bottom?  All solvable.

Campaign Creation

Want a campaign that engages and grows your audience?  Then don’t be boring.  I’ll show you how.

Social Media

How do you monetize social?  Are you in this for the long game?  Is ‘omni channel’ or ‘top of mind’ just buzz words your team throws around?  Don’t be sloppy here.  There’s big money in social.

Ads & Landing Pages

Impressions + Clicks + Conversions = Profits.  The formula is simple, but can you execute?

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